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Developed by a head of the Hubble Telescope design team, this tooth whitening system is so well thought out that anyone can have their tooth color lightened in a little over an hour of sitting peacefully in the office. After trying many systems, Dr. Fischman found the Brite Smile system is so effective and with so few side effects that it eliminated all other in office systems from the office . By the way, the case shown below is Dr. Fischman's mouth, immediately before and after bleaching with Brite Smile (The shade buttons indicate a drop of nine shades on the shade guide).

What is Bleaching or Whitening?

Tooth bleaching, or whitening, is a chemical procedure which lightens tooth color, particularly the yellows and browns. The darker the tooth, the greater the difference. The procedures we use are reported as 90% successful with minimal side effects. The techniques involve a single visit for in office Brite Smile whitening, or two to three weeks at home wearing custom trays to hold bleach material.

Teeth are continually getting darker naturally. The rate of this darkening can be increased via habits such as smoking, excessive coffee drinking, etc. What happens after the bleaching is that the darkening process continues naturally, but from a new starting point. Usually it takes at least five years before the full process is necessary. We can supply simple home bleaching aids to perk up your smile in the between years.

It is important to note that tooth whitening does not change crowns, veneers, fillings or inlays. The actual change that occurs on a tooth is dependant on the coloration of the tooth, darker areas will remain darker, just not as dark.

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