Tidbits for Dentists

Literature Reviews for Dentists

Implant Related Topics:

Altered Sensation with Implants
Strain in Restorations Retained by Cement v. Screws
Configuration of Implants and Stress
Immediate Placement in Dog Exo Sites
Posterior Bone Formation with Immediate Load
New Studies of Stress on Implants
New Studies of Stress on Implants
DICRG Studies
A New Look at Stress Distribution Around Implants
Determination of Space for Implant Abutment

Restorative Dental Topics:

Mandibular Denture Base Stabilization
Tooth v Skin Color
Occlusal Variables and TMD
Accuracy of Models from Custom v. Stock Trays
Porcelain Veneer Preps
Repair of Heat Treated Composites
Incisal Tooth Wear and Tempromandibular Disorders
Observable Deviations of the Facial and Dental Midlines
Thoughts on Posts and Crowns
Occlusal Variables and TMD
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