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Over time denture teeth wear, the bone supporting the dentures recedes, the smile disappears and the face is no longer supported properly. In addition, the lower jaw moves forward and the height between the chin and the nose decreases.

The photos below show the dreamatic change possible by having a set of new dentures constructed to properly restore normal anatomy, function, and cosmetics. In as sense this is true plastic surgery - since it is done with plastic.

The average life span for a denture is five to seven years. After that there is usually enough change in the supporting structures to warrant either a new denture or a relining of the denture to make it fit the tissues properly. If greater retention is needed, extra retention can be added with the addition of traditional dental implants implants or mini implants and conversion of the case to an overdenture.

Appearance of the teeth has a dramatic effect on both the person's attractiveness to others and on their own self-image and self-esteem. Studies have shown that a person's appearance will have a strong effect on their social and career success, by influencing how others perceive them.


Every person's unique set of anatomical, cosmetic, psychological and functional requirements need to be considered in the diagnosis and planning for the appropriate full denture. Call for an appointment with Dr. Fischman (516.482.5924) to have your situation diagnosed and the correct full dentures constructed.

Immediate Dentures

When teeth are being removed, it is important to replace them to maintain facial features as well as supporting bone and the normal functions of speech and eating. Immediate placement of a denture at the time of extraction, can reduce the bone loss by up to 40%. This bone is critical for the support of dentures, or the placement of dental implants.

Unfortunately, when constructing an immediate denture, there is never a chance to try it in the mouth and confirm that the teeth are in the right locations. In addition, the location of the tissues (gum tissues and bone) can not be predictably forecasted during the construction of an immediate denture. It is usually necessary to either reline the denture in order to adapt it to the tissues, or remake the device for better cosmetics and function.

Just as in full dentures, proper diagnosis of the person's unique set of anatomical, cosmetic, psychological and functional requirements is necessary to have a successful transition from a natural dentition to an immediate full or partial denture.

Over Dentures

By saving several teeth, or placement of a couple of implants, we can add substantial retention to a new or existing denture. The teeth being used are shortened so they are at the height of the gum tissue (the tooth must have root canal therapy for these procedures). An attachment is placed on the tooth or implant, which locks with its counterpart in the removable denture or partial denture. Functioning in much the same manner as a snap on a shirt, the attachments increase the force necessary to move the denture.

The effect of these procedures can be nothing short of dramatic both in terms of appearance, function, and confidence. Call us for a consultation 516.482.5924

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