Crowns & Bridges

Restoring missing teeth and teeth that are broken down is more than just preparing the teeth, taking an impression and inserting the case that comes back from the laboratory. The diagnosis and treatment encompasses the entire mouth. What is happening in the area to be treated - periodontal condition, adjacent teeth, the opposing teeth, the generalized bite pattern, etc. must be considered. Single tooth restorations can recreate, or improve on original dental anatomy, note the new crown surrounded by old silver amalgam fillings.

Dramatic cosmetic changes can be accomplished with simple alterations. In the case below, only three crowns were placed with some minor recontouring of the adjacent teeth.

Another dramatic change with four crowns and a BriteSmile bleaching transformed the next smile while eliminating her dental disease.

In this case, porcelain crowns were used to correct color and the poor position of the teeth on the left side which were not properly supporting the lip and not completing the smile improved by the restorations.

Larger problems must be carefully planned in order to meet the esthetic and functional needs of the patients. Note in the case below how the anatomy of the soft tissues seems so natural around the final case and how, in spite of the amount of recession we eliminated the spaces between the teeth. The correction of her cosmetic problems helped correct her physiological problems.

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