Mini Implants

Denture Retention:

The photo shown is at the time of placement of four mini implants used to retain a lower denture. No incisions or sutures are necessary for most cases.

Small ‘O’ rings are incorporated in the denture and engage the undercuts of the implants. This functions in the same manner as a snap on a shirt, to hold the denture in place.

The implant placement is done with local anesthesia via Interseptal anesthesia, a local anesthetic technique, there won’t be any symptoms on your tongue or lip. If you desire, Nitrous Oxide analgesia (laughing gas) is also available. Most of the appointment (a little over an hour) is spent in fitting the ‘O’ rings into the denture. There is some postoperative discomfort, usually controlled with Tylenol or Advil.

The success of the mini implants is related to the quality and quantity of bone available to hold the implants, and to the quality of the dentures. Old dentures may not be in proper contact with the remaining ridges or the bite may be off. These factors will add great stress to the implants and could lead to failure. An evaluation prior to treatment, as well as completion of necessary preliminary care is mandatory for success of the mini implants.

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