Computerized Occlusal Analysis

Excessive biting force can fracture a tooth, destroy a restoration, hasten bone loss around teeth, cause muscle pain (TMD or Tempromandibular Dysfunction), or just be an annoyance for a patient. Sometimes the unwanted forces are difficult to find, the body can unconsciously avoid the offending area.

Before: High concentration in one area After: Moderate forces through entire

When a dentist checks for biting contacts all he can see are a series of marks on the teeth, not knowing which of these marks represent excessive force. For difficult situations and to refine rehabilitations, Dr. Fischman uses a computer generated movie of the forces being generated by biting and clenching which he utilizes to show the basic location and degree of force caused by tooth contact . With this knowledge, he makes very small specific adjustments to the teeth to equalize the forces and create a more harmonious bite. This reduces the stress on the individual teeth, the periodontal support apparatus, as well as the Tempromandibular Joints and their associated muscles.

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